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Now is the time to take action!

Affordable Services are hard to find and often have long waitlists. 

We are a 5-star company, (see our reviews below) that prides 

ourselves on being affordable and accessible.


Act Now and Receive

1 hour-long session per week for 4 weeks ($120 value)
2 motivation driven text conversations

per week    ($320 value)
1 Free Positivity Journal

($55 value)
1 Free Resource Acquisition Zoom Meeting ($75 value)   ~Total Value ($570 value!!!!)

Only $259 (Over 50% off)

Shadow on Concrete Wall

YOU: "I need residential services but, I can't afford it." 

HolisticCoaching: "No worries, we have affordable options!"

Residential Options

Special Offer
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Holistic Coaching Treatment Center has virtual and in-person

individual therapy, mental health maintenance, and group therapy options.


Now we have coupled those individualized services with our housing services.

Our Housing - Day Program includes:

*An entire month of Holistic Coaching Sober housing

*Fully Furnished *Laundry On-site *Close to Meetings *Streaming TV

*On-site staff

*Daily Urinalysis & Breathalyzer Drug/Alcohol Screens

*Outings - Groceries, Meetings and Socialization Time - Transportation Provided

Day Program through Holistic Coaching Treatment Center at the main office.

*Off-site Group and Individual therapy from 8:30am until 3:30pm M-F

*Transportation to and from therapy services

*Community Reintergration Assistance

*Structured Weekends

*Aftercare housing and therapy services are available

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