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  • Is Holistic Coaching a program?
    Holistic Coaching is not a program. It is a boutique of services to help people prepare for independence, maintain self-sufficiency, or embark upon an overall healthier lifestyle. Our main services are shared housing, therapy and business coaching. In order to maintain structure, and to assist our residential clients with accountability while staying with us, all clients must sign an intake contract that governs the rules of their stay with us. If residents break the residency contract they will be presented with options. Whether they accept those options or not staff reserves the right to discharge non-compliant clients immediately and without a refund due to their inability to comply with our rule book.
  • What is Holistic Coaching's refund policy?
    We do not give refunds. Refunds are usually requested by non-compliant clients when they are faced with the consequences of their actions. Under no circumstances do we give refunds to clients who are being discharged due to non-compliance. Nor for clients who have found a better offer after they move in and want to be refunded, or any other reason. When compliant residents give notice that they are leaving they receive $25 as a thank you for leaving their space clean and giving us notice. We do not collect a deposit from any residents. Our admin fee is not a deposit and it is not refundable. Refunds under Special Circumstances are documented agreements made at intake due to an extenuating circumstance known of at the time of move in. Documentation is required for these instances. These exceptions are usually related to court stipulations that will not allow clients to comply with our discharge procedures. We also may accept special circumstances that are documented by a case worker at the time of move in only. Any other reason that is made known after move in will not be granted. Any agreement that is not in writing and signed by Jannet H. or Chris K. will not be honored.
  • What is Holistic Coaching's intake contract?
    Our intake contract is the document that clients read over and sign their agreement to with staff at intake. This document is considered the contract that governs your stay with us. It outlines your responsibility and our responsibility. We are not here to do the work for our clients. We assist clients in reaching their goals and that starts with their compliance to the rules they sign off to at intake. Staff/ and/ or Resident representative and the new resident read through the entire contract together at intake. Breach of this contract does carry penalties ranging from relapse prevention plans, being immediately discharged without a refund, up to being sued for 6 months of residency in civil court, if we are made to process an eviction.
  • Why does Holistic Coaching charge me for my stay?
    Holistic Coaching is a private residence that allows individuals in transition to live in single and shared rooms as long as they abide by the residency contract they sign at intake. We are not a grant funded program. Residents choose to move in with us. No one is forced to reside at our housing location. We also do not accept payments before a person has seen the location they will live in. If an individual needs information about free community shelters or grant funded transitional housing programs please call us for resources. Although, we do not provide free housing we do provide free referrals to community resources: Call - (727)678-1751 via phone, text or Facebook Messenger. You can also call 211 for resources if you are in the Tampa Bay Area.
  • What is Holistic Coaching's Sobriety Policy?
    Holistic Coaching has a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse on property. We conduct random urinalysis and breathalyzers as explained and agreed upon at intake. Individual cases of relapse may qualify for a Relapse Prevention Plan. If a client refuses a RPP they are considered an immediate discharge. In all instances of relapse staff reserves the right to immediately discharge non-compliant clients without a refund. If a client is found to need a higher level of care, including in-patient treatment, referrals will be given. We cannot mandate anyone into treatment. These are suggestions. If a client is unwilling to utilize the tools we suggest then we are not the correct residence for them. They will be discharged immediately without a refund. If a client begins to threaten the safety of our compliant residents and our daily operations we reserve the right to sue that client for up to 6 months of residency. This policy is not different from other independent living locations. Many independent residences will sue for the remainder of a 12 month lease if the person breaks the leasing contract. Our location is geared to prepare our clients for responsible independent living. This means do not break your housing contract or prepare to loose your housing.
  • What is Holistic Coaching's Discharge Policy?
    Holistic Coaching's discharge policy is covered in the intake contract. We reserve the right to discharge residents who come back positive on a breathalyzer or a urine test immediately without refund, per our intake contract. We have a residency fee that must be paid as agreed otherwise the resident will be discharged for nonpayment. Any noncompliance issues at discharge will lead to a 6 month residency fee penalthy. Our discharge policy also covers what to do when you leave. If you do not take your belongings with you at the time you leave you have 24 hours to make arrangements to retrieve your things. After 24 hours your items are donated or discarded but, they are no longer available for pickup. Our discharge policy is in place to protect both clients and staff. Many people will call months after they leave looking for their things. It is clearly written and discussed that you must take your things with you otherwise they will no longer be available for pickup after 24 hours, per our intake contract.
  • Is Holistic Coaching a facility?
    Holistic Coaching is not a facility. We are sober shared housing within an independent living environment. Our houses are set up for each resident to understand what they would do if no one was watching over them to do the right thing. Our structure will reveal if a resident is ready for sober independent living or if they are in need of a different level of care with more oversight. When we discharge residents we do attempt to refer them to an appropriate level of care when that person is willing to comply with referrals they are often eligible to return to us at the completion of those requirements.
  • Read Holistic Coaching's Disclaimer - We cannot "cure" anyone."
    Disclosure: Due to people placing an unrealistic expectation on our services we ask everyone to read this disclosure. We are a structured living environment that provides random UA's and breathalyzers to maintain the honesty of our residents. We are not a program. We cannot guarantee anyone's compliance with sobriety - we do not believe any program or stipulation can make someone sober. We provide resources to all residents. In cases of relapse, we provide referrals to alternative housing, treatment or relapse prevention plans. In all instances, when a resident chooses to break their intake contract with unhealthy behaviors that threaten the safety and sobriety of our residence we Do Not issue a refund when they are discharged. If you are not ready to be accountable and stay sober then Holistic Coaching is the wrong location for you. Thank you, H.C. Staff
  • Do you currently have housing openings and what are the requirements?
    This section was last updated: As of May 13, 2024 Our women's house is currently: CLOSED TO NEW APPLICANTS Please DO NOT complete our waitlist form unless you are seeking an independent unit (See below) for future consideration. Our men's house is currently OPEN Single Rooms - 1 available Shared Rooms - 2 beds available - Mention: DISCOUNT75 to receive $75 off your move-in cost in a shared room. Independent Units FULL at this time Please complete the waitlist for future consideration. Please specify studio, or 2 bedroom unit in the note section on the waitlist form. If you are ready to move-in and your housing type is available - Please call (727)678-1751 for immediate consideration. At the prompt, choose the "Housing" option. Please complete the waitlist form to be contacted at a future date here. Requirements: Must have a monthly income and be able cover the residency fee and your personal living expenses at the time of move-in. Residents must be able to attend to their own daily living needs including: cleaning behind yourself, preparing meals for yourself, taking your medication as prescribed independently and following the rules independently with minimal redirection. We are a drug free environment and we do monitor for illicit drug use. Call for immediate consideration (727)678-1751
  • Are you accepting new therapy clients?
    Yes, we are. Please complete a form on our book a service page to set your first appointment conveniently from home. Or call us at (727)678-1751 and choose the therapy option to contact admin assistance.
  • Where can I book a service?
    You can book therapy appointments for individuals and couples via our Book A Service page. To make a housing payment click on the payments tab from the Home or Contact Us pages
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