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Holistic Coaching offers Brief Solution Focused Options for Therapeutic Intervention

Try a new way in order to navigate these uncertain times!

These services are not available for our residential clients.

Please call residential staff for discounted private counseling referrals

Call (727)678.1751 for an Appointment or Click Here to book now. 

*Couples Counseling*

Holistic Coaching Treatment Center has a special interest in seeing families thrive.

We provide solution focused counseling appointments for couples dealing

with emotional hurdles, communication problems, child-rearing differences,

cultural differences and other problems that keep you both from experiencing

a healthy and mutually satisfying coupling.

*Trauma Counseling*

Trauma Counseling with Holistic Coaching can assist many problem areas including:

POC Community

To address how systemic issues are impacting relationships/mental health,

goal attainment and other areas of daily living for people of color.


LGBTQ Community

To address family trauma and how it affects  all areas of your life,  



Generational Trauma

To deal with the emotional and relationship conflicts that arise in your personal life

which trace back to your childhood/family dynamics.

*Individual Counseling*

At Holistic Coaching we believe that every voice should be heard.

We provide our clients with a safe space to speak and come to their own realization on what solution works best for their situation.

If you are ready to examine your thoughts and how they impact your behaviors

then call us today.

Let's get to work today by creating realistic steps for achieving your goals.

~Book Now : Pricing and Bookings 

*Family Case Management*

Are you currently trying to find resources and solutions for a loved one?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to coordinate care and services for

a disabled or addicted family member?

Our staff is available to listen to your situation and then

provide you with needed referrals.

Are you from outside of our area? Still give us a call. We love researching new areas.

Our goal is to decrease caregiver burden in order to

reduce the occurrence of caregiver burnout.

Family Case Management is billed at our current hourly office visit rate.

Call for more info. The call is free! 

Therapy Services

~ Charitable Services via Firmly Established, Inc.

Does your household qualify as economically disadvantaged?

We provide limited Free Services for households that fall 150% or more below the federal poverty line.

Click Here to visit our nonprofit site

Trauma Therapy

Trauma is usually a nice word for a horrible secret.

Lets explore what is 

creating inward turmoil in your life.

Find the freedom that comes from exposing darkness and embracing forgiveness. 

Fear, Shame and Powerlessness do not have to be your final destination!

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is ideal for the soul that is ready to explore change. 

You can only change you! Let our trained therapists work with you to address life dissatisfaction, work struggles, emotional turbulence and how to find peace in the midst of it all!


Couples Therapy

Use this option if you and

your partner are ready to

work on your communication, clarify your values and explore your struggles; in order to achieve your relationship goals.

Meet Our Clinical Staff
We are currently accepting Self-Pay Clients only  

Jannet Harper, LCSW
Director of Therapy Services

Jannet is a licensed clinical social worker,

in the state of Florida.

 She has assisted clients in addressing a broad range of clinical problems that have arisen due to life stressors including: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Addictions and Motivation Struggles.

Jannet has enjoyed working with couples and individuals for the past 17 years.

She utilizes a short-term solution focused intervention that teaches clients to utilize their innate ability to achieve healthy results. Contact Jannet

Charisse Blaize, Msw 
Advanced Practice Therapist

Charisse Blaize is originally from Trinidad, W.I. She obtained her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work. Her passion is utilizing her diverse cultural perspective to build a rapport and engage clients on their journey towards greater life fulfillment. Her areas of specialty include medical disabilities, family struggles and coping with mental health difficulties. Among her favorite self-care practices are sitting meditation, restaurant hoping, dancing and other forms of exercise where she can engage her children in the fun!   

Send a message to Charisse

Omaka Zhen
Omaka Zen,
Self Health and Wellness Expert

Omaka Is the Urban Luminary and Founder

of SOHL Center St. Pete, FL.

He’s a Holistic Healer, Holistic Chef,

Meditation Teacher, Author, Poet, Radio Host,

International Speaker & Humanitarian.

Born in St. Petersburg, FL but he likes to say that, “He’s a Man on The Move”
He’s Authored 6 Published Books, and
has a National Best-Selling Book Titled: Breaking Out - Escape the Fear

Send Omaka a message

Chris Keaton, Life Coach 
Director of Transitional Housing Services

Chris is an influential father and mentor.  He has worked with Holistic Coaching for over eight years. His decision to leave the energy field was motivated by his newfound belief that, helping people was more important than making large amounts of money. He cites his specialty as helping with 12 step orientation, personal accountability, online resource navigation, and goal achievement. If you would like more information on our services and a free screening assessment from Chris send an email or call (352)834-3559  

Holistic Coaching
Support Staff
We are currently accepting resumes for the following departments:
Tech Support - Part - Time
Email: HolisticCoaching via the chatbox


Holistic Coaching acknowledges the work of our help staff for their continued dedication to our clients and their belief in the Holistic Coaching model. 

Our Support Staff utilizes compassion as they interact with residential and outpatient clients. Look forward to seeing more of them at community events. 

Would you like to join our team?

We are currently accepting resumes for positions listed above.  Please include your desired work hours and include your desired starting salary.


We interview volunteers and interns on a rolling basis.

Contact us via email notating your interest in volunteering or completing an internship with us.

We look forward to learning more about your passion for working with people.

Click here to send an email. Or call (727)678-1751 for immediate assistance.

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