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We want to offer you a health benefit verses taking one away! 

Utilize our counseling services for the price of a co-pay (even if you do not have insurance.)

Holistic Coaching offers Brief Solution Focused Options for Therapeutic Intervention

to assist your specific circumstances.

(These services are not available for our residential clients.

Please call residential staff for discounted private counseling referrals.)

Meet Our Staff

Clinical Staff                                                 Self Pay Services Staff

Insured clients                                                          Clinical & Housing clients

Dr. Andrea Chamberlain, 
Director of Psychiatric Services

Dr. Andrea Chamberlain is a board-certified psychiatrist who is also board eligible in family medicine. She graduated from medical school in Tennessee in 2003 and did her family medicine residency in Johnson City, NY. After graduating from that program she completed her psychiatry residency program in North Carolina from 2006 to 2010. She treats patients of all ages. She and her husband have been married for 15 years and have six children.

Marco Watson, LCSW 
Director of Clinical Services

Marco Watson is a licensed clinical social worker and has been practicing in the field for over 10 years. His experience is diverse,  as he has worked in many different settings and various client populations including: adolescents with substance abuse challenges, young adults intertwined in the judicial system, veterans’ struggling with severe mood and psychotic disorders, and couples struggling with intimacy.

Contact Marco

Shirley Tabor, ARNP 
Nurse on Call

Ms. Tabor is a highly skilled and compassionate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She possess 6 years of experience treating psychiatric disorders in adolescence, adult, and geriatric populations. She sites her most valued skills to include dependability, efficiency, working well with others, providing quality care, and empowering individuals to live full and healthy lives. 

Jannet Harper, RCSWI
Services Coordinator, Lead Counselor

Jannet is a registered clinical social work intern. She loves being a part of the Holistic Coaching Private Counseling team. Jannet brings to the counseling staff a history of addictions and mental health counseling across various client populations. She has assisted clients in addressing a broad range of clinical problems due to life stressors; including, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship and motivation struggles. She utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach and teaches clients to utilize their innate ability to achieve healthy results. Contact Jannet

Rosemarie Connor, LCSW
Private Clinical Supervisor 

Holistic Coaching has been fortunate and favored to have Rosemarie head our clinical supervision department for private clients. She has been licensed in the field of Social Work for over 11 years. She enjoys working with clients who are motivated to do the work! Her interest is to assist private clients and clinicians; as well as, adults going through transitional adjustments due to grief, divorce, and other life factors. She utilizes a strengths based person centered approach. Send a message to Rosemarie

Chris Keaton, Life Coach 
Director of Transitional Housing Services

Chris is an influential father and mentor.  He has worked with Holistic Coaching for over eight years. His decision to leave the energy field was motivated by his newfound belief that, helping people was more important than making large amounts of money. He cites his specialty as helping with 12 step orientation, personal accountability, online resource navigation, and goal achievement. If you would like more information on our services and a free screening assessment from Chris send an email or call (352)834-3559  

Holistic Coaching
Support Staff

Holistic Coaching acknowledges the work of our help staff for their continued dedication to our clients and their belief in the Holistic Coaching model. 

Our Support Staff utilizes compassion as they interact with residential and outpatient clients. Look forward to seeing more of them at community events. 

Would you like to help? We interview volunteers and interns on a rolling basis. Contact us via email notating your interest in volunteering or completing an internship with us. We look forward to learning more about your passion for working with people. Click here to send an email. Or call (727)678-1751

1st Appointment Price

Use this payment option after your Initial Consultation. Initial Consultations are free.

Call to request an initial appointment today.

This payment entitles you to one 45 minute counseling session. Payment is due before your session. 

2nd thru 4th Appointment

Remember Initial Consultations are free. Call to request all appointments.

This payment entitles you to one 45 minute counseling session. Payment is due before your second, third & fourth session. 

Text Support - Weekly

Choose this option if you want to send and receive text support with your counselor during the week in between appointments.

 This option provides feedback and solution focused dialogue to help you face hurdles related to your in person sessions and goals you have set.


Choose this option if you want to conduct your appointment via Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and Internationally via WhatsApp


Additional Counseling Sessions

Sliding Scale Payments

Remote Appointments

Holistic Coaching Mission: To provide Wrap Around Self-Sufficiency Services for single adults; including housing, business coaching and therapeutic services. 


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