Professional Business Coaching

Does your business need some expert advice in order to help you build more effectively? 


Its been over 7 years since Holistic Coaching began. Having experienced the hardships of getting started and the hurdles that come wth lacking large capitol we now see business development as a social service. 

Everyone deserves the right to benefit from an expert in the market. Through trial, time and effort we have excelled at getting results in business.

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Areas of Service

*Streamlining your business idea into a workable plan for startup

*Finding Capital -(Startup Funding)

*Marketing Solutions for all business budgets

*Website Creation

*Resource Development for Business Growth

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Business Coaching Consultation

This is a non-refundable payment for your initial appointment. Phone consultation is free. In order to set an office appointment you must make this payment. If you attend your appointment this payment goes towards your first service. If you do not attend your appointment you loose your payment. You can call within 12 hours to reschedule once without a new payment.


Business Coaching Services

Coaching Services are billed by the hour in this option. $50 per hour. At least one hour must be paid in advance for each hour after your first appointment. This option can be used for all hourly projects. A phone consultation and an initial appointment should proceed this option. At the end of the initial appointment you will know how many hours are needed to complete your agreed upon business goals.


Business Coaching Projects

Would you like an entire project to be completed with a coach? Purchase a week at a time to cover an entire project. Starting price is $200+ per week ($75+ per day for out of state clients.)

(Examples: more than one page website, website and social media monthly maintenance, other agreed upon project package. Some exclusions apply. Project Price must be agreed upon during your session. Coaching cost does not include your business or project's application fees, state fees, filing fees or other non coaching costs.)

Rates are higher for those going into our sectors of  social services businesses. 


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Holistic Coaching Mission: To provide Wrap Around Self-Sufficiency Services for single adults; including housing, business coaching and therapeutic services. 


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