At Holistic Coaching we understand that

getting your business started can be exciting and scary!

So, we have put together some free services to help you get started.


We believe these services are ideal for those who are just getting started and for small business owners who are looking to enhance their services.


Purchase a $150+ service and you can Try 1 service below for free!

*Service Restrictions apply - certain services within our scope of practice do not qualify.

1 Page Website

Let us create a 1 page site for your business. This will help potential customers understand your services and increase your ability to make contact with customers before they decide to buy. Do you need an online payment link? We can put it on your website!

We build Free & Paid sites.

Seminar Space

Would your business benefit from conference room space to hold a seminar or a presentation in St Petersburg, FL?

If so, contact us today to see if your business qualifies to use our space once for free! 

We will even help you with marketing for your event!!

Start-Up Guide

Do you have startup questions about your industry but, you do not have anyone willing to answer them without asking you to pay a high fee?

We will assist you with a free 20 min consultation and a general compliance search for your area. We will also send you the general business outline via email for free. 

Social Media (SMM)

Are you interested in using social media as an advertising platform but, you are unsure how? We will give you a basic tour of how to create ads using the Ads Manager on Facebook, Walk you thru Google+, YouTube or Linkedin for free. 

Requires a 30 min office appointment.