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Here is our Top Ten List of Things to Do while on Quarantine.

1. Start a themed Journal.

We have a positivity journal that we were about to use in our Parenting Group before the quarantine. This does not mean that the idea has expired! Start your journal now and be ready to share with our virtual group - starting soon!

(Text to register for a notification when the group begins) 


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Help him live his dream of being a Gamer/YouTuber

2. Find new ways to utilize the internet!

TV is great but, YouTube is better!! Our channel- HolisticBiz Coaching covers getting started in business, learning how to get the most out of social media and this video - learning how to virtually support nonprofits and small businesses online.

3. Find your passion!

Have you always thought about starting something but, you felt as though you couldn't find the time?? 

You know what I am trying to say! - Now is the time. 

Again YouTube and Google is your friend. Start doing research and trial runs of your idea and see where it takes you :) 

4. Support Your Kids Passion

When was the last time you asked your kid what they want to be when they grow up? Ask them today and then show them how to research what it takes for them to accomplish their dream. Find resources to get them started right now. Remember Google is your friend!

5. Join Your Kids World for an Hour

Do you know how to use TikToc? Have you ever played Fortnite? When was the last time you both played a boardgame? Look through their drawing book or listened to their Tales from Middle School? This is your time!!

6. Do Prank Videos with Your Kids

Do some easy pranks with your kids and post them to social media. See who gets the most views or likes. Add a small reward (who will go downstairs for the snacks/ who will take out the garbage, etc) for the winner or a funny consequence for the looser :) 

7. Support a business or nonprofit online

We would love your support but, so would a lot of other worthy causes. As many churches and fundraisers move to a virtual platform they need your help making sure their important works are not lost due to this quarantine. 

Search for the cause that interest you and then use the tips in the video above to lend your support and beat the algorithm!

For our causes visit: Facebook and Instagram: FirmlyEstablished and HolisticCoaching

8. Join an online group 

Let 2020 be the year that you mingle with like-minded folks. Find groups online that will encourage and lend wisdom to the endeavors that interest you. There are groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Find one that will motivate you :) 

9. Join an online discussion

We post discussions all the time. Find discussions that make you think outside the box! Whether on a comedian's page or a news page or on our page: Facebook @Jan Harp  or  @Jannet Grace

Look forward to seeing you there :) 

10. Learn to invest. Create Generational wealth.

Now is the time to look into creating generational wealth. It is clear that corporations will continue to get rich - become the next corporation! 

Sites like RobinHood and educators like Jacqueline Briggs Cryptocurrency platform are just 2 places where you can learn how to start investing and begin building assets. 

- Text: Alert me to - (727)6781751 in order to get a notification for when our groups and classes go virtual! In the meantime - Hit Subscribe on YouTube and Follow us First on Facebook so that you don't miss an update - HolisticBiz Coaching.

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