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For more info on our new housing theray packages.

Ideal for those who need more treatment services before they are ready for independent housing.

 Housing - Day Program Package

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Housing Services

We provide a structured independent housing environment for those in need of a less restrictive living environment while in transition.


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* Shared Housing starting at $650 for a double room

*Waitlist for  

Housing /Therapy  Packages

* Frequently Asked Questions


* Immediate Openings -Men


Start Housing Assessment to: (352)834-3559

* Waitlist - Women

Parent Resources

Parent Resources

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Parent Portal - Housing (password protected) 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Holistic Coaching is socially responsible! We understand that some people cannot afford our services. The most needed of these populations are youth and their families.


Firmly Established, Inc.  our 501(c)3 assists youth and families, who fit our criteria, with free case management assistance.

This includes a family assessment to identify referral needs and a youth empowerment seminar that focuses on public speaking and entrepreneurship.

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Youth Empowerment Group Access the PortalHere



Please donate to our Youth & Family Services 501(c)3, Firmly Established, Inc.

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Fundraisers & Coupons

Join Our Virtual "Parent Empowerment Group" absolutely free.

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Clinical Services

Everyday someone is faced with the decision of whether or not to ask for help ... What choice will you make?

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Holistic Coaching's Wrap Around Services Include:

*Individual Counseling

*Relationship Counseling

*Group Counseling

*Evaluations for Disability Determination

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Whatever motivates you to go into business motivates us to help you!! 

We have over 7 years of business experience and our marketing helps us to stand out from competitors.

Don't be frustrated! Utilize our expertise, to enhance your services, without hurting your bottom line.

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