Clinical Services

We want to offer you a health benefit verses taking one away! 

Utilize our counseling services for the price of a co-pay (even if you do not have insurance.)

Holistic Coaching offers Brief Solution Focused Options for Therapeutic Intervention

to assist your individual circumstances.

(These services are not available for our residential clients.

Please call residential staff for discounted private counseling referrals.)

1st Appointment Price

Use this payment option after your Initial Consultation. Initial Consultations are free.

Call to request an initial appointment today.

This payment entitles you to one 45 minute counseling session. Payment is due before your session. 


2nd thru 4th Appointment

Remember Initial Consultations are free. Call to request all initial appointments.

This payment entitles you to one 45 minute counseling session. Payment is due before your second, third & fourth session. 


Text Support - Weekly

Choose this option if you want to send and receive text support with your counselor during the week in between appointments.

 This option provides feedback and solution focused dialogue to help you face hurdles related to your in person sessions and goals acquisition.

$45USD weekly

Choose this option if you want to conduct your appointment via Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and Internationally via WhatsApp


Additional Counseling Sessions

Sliding Scale Payments

Remote Appointments

Clinical Services 

Call for an Appointment or Click Here: (727)678-1751

* Clinical Evaluations

 We take reports from the individual and from family in order to provide the most accurate assessment of the client's mental health. This assessment is the basis for further mental health maintenance goals such as: Counseling, Psych Referrals, Medication Maintenance and/or Social Security Eligibility Requirements. (Self-pay - Call for pricing)


* Individual, Youth and Family Counseling

At Holistic Coaching we believe that every voice should be heard. We provide our clients with a safe space to speak and come to their own realization that some answers are found within as we hear ourselves. If you are ready to examine your thoughts and how they impact your behaviors then call us today. We can work on goals and create realistic steps to achieve them.

~Self-pay: Sliding Scale and up. Call now for pricing~

Family Case Management 

Our staff is available to listen to your situation and then provide you with needed referrals. If we cannot assist you at this time we will still give you community resource information. Are you from outside of our area? Still give us a call. We love researching new areas. Our goal is to decrease caregiver burden in order to reduce the occurrence of caregiver burnout. 

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Free Services for households that fall 150% or more below the federal poverty line.- Click Here to visit our nonprofit site

Holistic Coaching Mission: To provide Wrap Around Self-Sufficiency Services for single adults; including housing, business coaching and therapeutic services. 


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